Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Whitehouse VS. Fox News

Manipulating the press is one of the first steps onto the slippery slope of a tyranny. Any ill intending government of the past has always tried to stifle, or control, any natural dissent of the programs they propose. Whether that is through controlling the electoral process, or stifling opposing news coverage, the cause and effect is still the same. When any leadership surrounds itself with "yes men", it can be sure that the lack of opposing counsel will eventually render that leadership weak, and thus, vulnerable to replacement. True leadership depends on opposing points of view, and alternative game plans. Those of us subject to the effects of whatever proposal is at hand must simply survive, or sometimes fight, as the occasion arises, until this natural deterioration from within completes it's cycle, and the waters of human nature again reach their own equilibrium. Shooting the messenger is often paramount to shooting ones self in the foot...it's ironic in that the message having already been delivered, the damage is done. The offending appendage may be useless, but so is the body. Any modern format of leadership that believes that propaganda and censorship are viable forms of control in this age of instant messaging, blogs and internet commentaries, carries within itself the seed of ignorance that should bloom out to self destruction given any reasonable amount of time. If nothing else, the proof of weakness is in the planting, and weeds of revolution are sure to soon choke it out.