Friday, October 26, 2012

Breath of Warriors

I knew in my heart when I first heard the news of Benghazi that something was amiss.  As a Marine, as well as being an educated reader, the spin being played out just didn't fit the facts of what I know of the real world.

I've read enough literature about war, tactics, diplomacy and the way our foreign services work to know that the real time information available to our leaders is so much greater than what we realize that there was just no way this could be blamed on any of the talking points offered. The fog of war, delayed messages, lack of information...all of that was a load of garbage my common sense just couldn't get wrapped around.

So over the next few days and weeks, what came trickling out can be (at least to those who don't have their head inserted rectally) pieced together into a fraud and cover-up of epic proportions.

It has been said that the truth will always out.  Like water, it will seek it's own level.  Truth can only be hidden from the light for the duration that the lie hiding it can be supported.  In this case, a little over a month.

Mr. Obama, and his admin (and I say that would include the main stream media) have purported to hide this catastrophe from the American public for the sake of his re-election bid.  The actual reason(s) he did what he did will trickle out with this latest flow of information just as sure as the water seeks its level.  For the moment we are left with more questions than answers.  But this we know without any possible shadow of a doubt.  The man lied to this nation on live television for weeks.  Not only did he lie, but those who support him, from his personal assistants to the media responsible for publicizing any news about him correctly, lied to sustain his story.

I could speculate on any number of reasons why he chose to do what he did, but as a Marine, what he did is sufficient enough to scratch him forever from the category of human being.

The men who died were warriors.  They knew the risk in their profession.  But they also depended on a system of intelligence and technology to support them.  They asked for help, and were rejected.  Not just once, but three times.  In the end, they did what most American fighting men do when a REMF tells them to leave compatriots to die, they disobeyed orders and went anyway.  In this case, it cost them their lives.  But these are men who have more at stake than their lives in what they do.  They have honor.

With all the technology associated with the greatest nation on the face of the earth at his disposal, he chose to watch as a group of men, not just for the cause of this nation, but for their very lives as well, fought to the last breath.  And all that while both, he and they, knew there were things that could be done to prevent it. They died praying that in the next minute, the mortar they were targeting would blow up. That a Spectre would blast over-head raining death on their foes, that a platoon of Marines would support their own heroic fight.  But those prayers died on their lips.  Our POTUS, and his cronies, watched that happen. They watched as the breath of warriors was extinguished before their very eyes, and did nothing.

You must picture Barack Obama sitting in the situation room with his closest intelligence and military aides, watching the real time stream of what was happening, considering that sending in the cavalry would stain his record of supposedly decimating al Queda, and deciding it wasn't worth the lives being lost.  People looking to him for a yes or no, with reference to aide getting launched. In the end, he just said no, and went to bed.  After all, he had busy stuff going on the next day.

Now, maybe that isn't the scenario that played out.  Maybe he had a truly justified reason for letting those men die while he watched.  Whether he did, or didn't, does not excuse the lies he told the parents while standing over the coffins of the dead.  Nor does it excuse the horrible fabrication of the video scenario being pushed on the American people.

If Barack Obama wants to stump his re-election on trust, he just blew any chance of that happening.  And if for some remote reason, he is re-elected in spite of his performance on Benghazi, this nation will truly be plummeted into an abys of tyranny. I won't leave her, or abandon her, but I will do all in my power to resist until the water again seeks it's level.

As for Barack Hussein Obama, hell holds a special place for evil, conniving cowards.