Friday, November 9, 2012

We Called Them Zombies...

Watch closely people, in the next few weeks and months you will see every "right wing nut conspiracy theory" come to be,  and right before your very eyes.
Take heed of this though, that's not the worst of it.  Because our government knows these "theories" to actually be true, and now that "flexibility" has been achieved, they no longer have to deny them.  So the stories will "out", and like water seeking it's own level, they will flow into the ears of the duplicitous masses who voted for it and they, only too late, will realize the fate they have delivered us into and they will cower in terror.
Then, not only will we that know how to work, fight, and survive, have to feed them, clothe them, and see to their health, we'll have to step around them as they stand dumbfounded, less than useless in the middle of the street as we go about the business of fighting to regain what they have given away in their lazy, self centered greed.
We called them zombies during the electoral campaign for mindlessly following the scripted rhetoric dished out to them by a bought and paid for media.  Now they truly will be the walking dead. Because in a generation, when the taxed can no longer pay, and the government feed trough is thus barren, their starving masses will line the turgid streets begging for the morsel that just won't be there.
The greatest irony however, is this.  That same media that kept them in the dark about the criminally negligent and incompetent actions of this puppet government they voted in place, has kept from them this devastatingly simple fact as well, the government doesn't care anymore for the liberal left, than it does for the middle or the right.  So while the government will have to expend millions of stockpiled 9mm pistol rounds in attempting to exterminate those of us who will resist them and fight the coming war, all they have to do is stand back and watch the lapdogs that voted them into office starve because they're now second, third and sometimes fourth generation sheep dependant on the government for everything they have, or need.  All the tyrannical dictator has to do at this point is cut off the spigot.
What will then ensue is a political, social storm like those seen preceding WWll. Citizens of the inner cities will be screaming for agencies like FEMA to come bail them out.  What they don't know is that, as you can plainly see by their efforts during Sandy, FEMA isn't really tasked with storm support, of any kind. What it has actually been put into place for is to manage this useless chattel in camps until they can be disposed of via the thousands of cattle cars lining railroad track spurs throughout the deep mid west. 
The most obvious plan is for the warrior elite to die on the battlefield, the serf born peasants to die of starvation and disease, and for the cream of the socialist crop to reap the spoils of war. In less than a generation the United States will be stripped of power and turned into one vast government farm. Like Detroit, the inner cities will spoil and decay until they too are turned into farmland or house the people that do survive who will be used as labor on the vast farms implemented to "distribute" resources to the rest of the starving world. Socialism will be complete.
That's the plan anyhow.  It won't work though. And it won't work because God won't let it.  America is a two hundred and fifty year experiment in democracy and freedom, that while sorely tested on occasion, is peopled by citizens who've learned a few things in those years.  Today she has strayed away from her God, and is now paying the price for it.  But look at this. The people who strayed are the weakest for it. And though we'll have to fight tooth and nail to get it back, those that caused the slide into hell will be the first to suffer and parish.
In Biblical history, God allowed the tribe of Israel to wander in the wilderness for forty years in order to weed out the hard hearted and faithless, those dependant on Pharaoh. It wasn't until a generation died and those left lost that dependency, only then gaining the realization that Pharaoh couldn't and wouldn't save them, that they turned their eyes and hearts back to God.
He may do no less for America.
A last thought.  You may read the heart of this epitaph and have thought to yourself while reading it, that I am a hard hearted, cynical soul.  Devoid of any grace or charity, and certainly not Christ like in my delivery.  That's okay, I can accept that.  I'll even turn the other cheek to the contempt you may feel towards me for writing it.  But in the end know this. Sometimes tough love is the only love you're gonna get.  If we as a people had expressed some tough love to our friends, family and associates over the years behind us, we might not be in the fix we're in for the years ahead.  Patrick Swayze said in his "Road House" character.."There's a time to be nice, and then there's a time to not be nice".  Now would be the later... and it's time to look to your own.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Raging Heart

Like many families across this nation, and as I've done before, I've called a family meeting this weekend.
My wife and I will have those of my kids in the area come together at my daughters house, which will hold us all, as mine won't any longer.
There we will gather to grieve for this great nation for a while. And then we will get down to business.
I have a smart bunch, they are all well versed and even tempered.  Though my daughter and I probably share more of the same temperament, and are likely the most effected by this situation, we all share a love for this country rivaled by few.
My two youngest sons, 18 and 21, had both considered joining the military.  I had hopes they would become Marines, and follow in my footsteps, but it wasn't so important which branch they decided on, as that they were satisfied with the decision.  However after watching our direction this last couple of years, I cautioned them on joining until after we saw what was going to happen with this election.  And, now much to my relief, I'm glad we waited.  I'd not want them to have this charlatan as their CIC.  I served under Reagan, and couldn't have been prouder, but I hold no regard, and less respect, for the empty chair.  They can better serve our country by my side.
We're going to meet this Sunday night, in one of our homes instead of in public, so we can speak freely about what we now know we need to do, and where none will have to place our back to an untrustworthy public.
We'll come up with a serious plan in the event the switch gets flipped, and I'll get a bit more intense about doing some training on repelling the wolves who will eventually be coming to the door.
My wife, my daughter and the boys will schedule to have concealed carry training and we'll plan on all brushing up on their marksmanship.  It's that serious.
We'll game plan about what we can do economically to ride out the storm, and what we can do realistically to fight back against those who pay-rolled this heist.  Namely our friendly media groups.  We'll figure out which products are acceptable to buy, which aren't, and what we'll do to recreate and where.
We'll put together a plan to shield the babies against the worst of what might occur, and how we can best protect them from the future that is sure to come.
Once we've done all that, we'll gather around the table, hold each other's hands, and pray that God brings a revival to this troubled land.  For it is surely broken, and only He can fix it.  There are only two things I'm sure of....God has a plan, and I haven't the foggiest idea what it is.
So we'll pray, and we'll wait, and we'll listen for some direction from Him.  In the meantime, there are some things that common sense tells us that can be done.  Those we'll do.
I have a raging heart right now, not only for the wrong that has been done by a faltering and feckless leadership, but also for the apathy and self centering's of the people of this country who brought that on. 
We have become a nation of takers without thought of the source, or the resources that we destroy in the process.  I did what I thought was enough over the last year by engaging, mostly through social networking, but also by face to face conversations, with people about what I thought was the right thing to do. I fought with my eldest son about accepting the tainted silver offered.  It appears that few, including him, listened to what was being said.
Whether they believe it or not, like gravity ensuring the apple hits the ground, a price will be paid for this election. A pity those of us who fought so hard to prevent it will still pay the price for those who encouraged it, but pay we will.
There will be little time in the future for whining about what has come to be, so we must get our grieving over soon, and move ahead.
I became a Marine at 20, I still am today, I have never renounced my oath to this country. I've spent a lifetime instilling in my family that sense of pride and they need no prodding now.
We will pray, we will plan, we will protect....and we will persevere. So help us God.