Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pass on that pill..

The weak link in the gun control/confiscation chain that this outlaw administration is proposing, is considering who's going to actually do the confiscation. With Sheriffs from counties across the nation chiming in on the side of the 2nd vowing to support our right to protect ourselves against this very type of tyranny, it's going to be a tough row to hoe for those trying.

There are millions of veteran military, as well as former/active LEO who will invariably side with these Sheriffs.
Will agents employed by the federal government for this task be willing to engage fellow officers in a gunfight to remove the guns? There is a very big difference between buying a bazzilion bullets for DHS and finding enough agents with moxy enough to fire on fellow Americans.
We've heard the stories about foreign/UN troops being brought in, but that's not a realistic scenario either when you consider how many millions of private owners their are, who at present are sitting quietly waiting to see "which way the political winds will blow". They haven't been goaded into responding yet, but let troops enter into flyover America and you'll see the resolve of our culture.
Consider this as well, will the executive branch even be able to function if they piss off enough home grown legislators who then defund them?
Personally, I think our narcissistic leader is running a big ass bluff and trying to scare us into voluntarily giving up our guns. As I recently wrote in another social post.."Voluntarily giving up our guns is like hanging ourselves and waiting for someone from the government to come cut the rope before we strangle to death".
Hearing PrezBo talk yesterday about 2nd supporters garnering fear for the sake of sales and sound bites implies that our fears about the slippery slope gun control amounts to are unfounded and that we should trust him with our future safety.
Sorry folks, not to mix political metaphors, but if Obama's history with abortion, drones, selling guns to criminals, giving guns to terrorists and leaving good men to die while he watched, is the example of trust he expects us to swallow, I'll have to pass on that pill.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I encourage family & friends to join me in a peaceful protest of those infringements on our society that are levied by a government seemingly bent on destroying us. We can do this by boycotting All spending on Inauguration Day. This is a movement I started at precisely 11:59 on 11/06/12...I have posted it hundreds of times on @kinsman59 #BreakTheFed. With over 4,000 followers, it had been re-posted across this country. Should enough people keep their wallets in their pockets and spend No money on that one day, the ripple in commerce would be sufficient to be noticed. There are only two plausible ways of halting the slide we are on into the destruction of America as a world leader. We can either launch an armed revolution and storm the capitals, or we can launch a fiscal revolution and really hurt government where it counts...we can starve the bastards into submission. This little boycott I'm declaring isn't likely to do much...but it just might be that last great act of defiance that makes We The People noticeable in our ability to control our own destiny. It will cost you nothing, just buy your particulars before, or after 1/21/13, and spend absolutely no money on that day. If you have had enough of the fiscal and general policy failures of this administration, you can, at the very least, say you didn't support it for a day. If you question what this might actually do, do some research on supply & demand, and the history of disruptions in the supply chains of various corporations....or, just eat a bunch of cheese for a couple of days, you'll get the idea....